Thursday 31 January 2019

Bye-Bye Batteries

Okay, so it is going to get cold this weekend and for the next week or so. When is say cold, I mean Time-To-Change-What-I-Am-Doing cold. 

Again, nothing I haven’t seen before, as it will dip below -20C and stay there for the next week or so. 

At least that is what the weather forecasts say, but the one thing I know about all forecasts, weather included, is that the further they go out into the future, the more of a crapshoot they are.

What I do know about weather that dips and stays below -20C is that at that point my batteries are useless, as in Wanda’s Main Batteries.

They sit at the front of Wanda, on the triangle part that sticks out front where Wanda connects to my truck by way of a trailer. 

Right behind my Propane Tanks, out in the cold is where they sit. Okay, the batteries are in a pair of plastic battery boxes to protect them from the elements, but they do nothing to protect them from the cold. 

At that temperature, (south of -20C) Wanda’s batteries can’t hold a charge in them to save their lives. So, at that point they are useless.

What I will do is run my generator on Friday Afternoon (or Saturday Morning, who knows) for one last time and then disconnect the batteries until this cold snap is over.

My stove works without using any electricity, and at that temperature (south of -20C) I prop my fridge and freezer open to let the cold into the fridge and freezer. 

As far as me staying warm, my secret is to find ways to keep my body heat in. Bundle up and layer up, and I will be fine. I have been here before, and I know what to do.

I can charge my laptop and other devices in different ways and in different places. I have my battery operated radio to listen to. 

Again, I know how to survive and get stuff done, no matter the weather, or if I don’t know how to do it now, I will figure it out. I have confidence in my ability to find solutions at least. 

As with all things, this too shall pass. 

As always, Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward.

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