Friday 25 January 2019

Boss Just Doesn’t Get it

I get it, I understand where Boss is coming from, but Boss, does not understand why I continue to do what I do. 

Boss didn’t come out and say as much, nor did Boss explain their opposition to me continuing to live as an Urban Nomad.

It was yesterday afternoon and one co-worker was still on vacation and the other had taken the afternoon off. So there was just Boss and I to run the show.

As expected, in the slower moments of the afternoon, the talk of “renting a room for a couple of months” came up, as well as everyone’s favourite topic, “buy a condo.”

As I was listening to what Boss was saying it occurred to me, that when it comes right down to it Boss does not understand why I would continue to endure this lifestyle when I don’t have to.

I could go and buy a place, I know that. I could rent a room, I know that too. Yet, I don’t do that because I want to build up my savings and buy something cash. 

The detail I don’t tell Boss is that most likely where I buy will not be anywhere near the town I live in. 

The reason is simple: everything in or near this town is stupidly expensive. (Nowhere near the outrageously expensive markets of Vancouver or Toronto, mind you, but still way too much.)

For Boss the answer is simple: I have suffered enough, so go buy a place, live a comfy life and let that be that. 

For me, I want more than to live a comfy life yet still be mired in debt. I hate debt, I loathe it. I have credit cards and I will use debt, when I choose, but for small things.

My future is not to be tied to a job due to a mortgage, I like my freedom and plan to keep it intact. 

That is why I will continue to live in my trailer for a few years yet, for freedom. Each payday that I do, each dollar that I put into my savings is another step towards the total freedom that I seek.

I will chart my own course, I will make my way to that land, wherever it is, plant my flag, and start that town. Even if, on day one the only resident is me, and the only structure is my trailer up on blocks. It will be mine and I will be home . . . and free.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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