Friday 11 January 2019

Going Forth With Confidence

We are living in uncertain times, it seems that every generation says that, and they mean it. Today, many of the old rules and expected norms no longer apply.

I will say this that I am quite thankful that I have embarked on this journey to . . . Freedom when I did. 

As I go forth, there are a number of things that could happen, none of which are either certain or out of the question. 

And that is just within my insignificant life in one small corner of this planet. 

So, in one way or another I could find myself “actively encouraged to seek other employment opportunities” sooner rather than later. 

My personal favourate was the sparkle in Boss’s eye when he spoke of the trend towards “Contract Employees” or rather 

“Subcontracting work that was previously done by employees to a separate company, AKA:  the former employee now turned subcontractor.”

I, for one, would not do it and wouldn’t stand for it. I would walk away, on principle.

I think that is a wholly disgusting practice that turns the labour relations clock back to the nineteenth century. (Yet, that is a discussion for another time.)

As I move forward with any number of things that could spell disruption, to say the least to my life, I do so with a measure of confidence. 

Why? Two things, both of which I highly recommend for anyone and everyone. 

1. I am debt free (and remain so.)
2. I am building up my savings (each and every payday.)

Sure, there are scenarios that could spell doom and gloom for my savings in the bank, but you gotta do something, have faith in something. 

Besides, I plan on spending those savings starting in 3 and a half years as I begin the land buying phase and the homesteading process. 

Even if things are disrupted, I will find a way to survive, I will find a way to achieve my goals, no matter what. I am determined, adaptable and confident in my abilities (yet not overly so).

So, I will continue to head on forward, in uncertain times, and do so with a measure of well-earned confidence.

As always: Keep your head up,  your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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