Monday 7 January 2019

A Cold Snap, to Save Me Money

So, another cold snap is here, and it is time that I get into my Polar Bear Mode. It is not going to be all that cold, but it will be below zero most of the week. 

Not something that I haven’t seen before; with daytime highs in the mid-single digits below zero, nothing to be overly concerned about.

Yet, what this means for me is a chance to save a bit of cash, by not running my furnace or my fridge all week. 

This cold is something that I will have to get acclimatized to again, and with my sleeping bag on my couch, I can easily weather it in style and warmth. 

There is no need to heat the whole place, when I can stay snugly warm in my sleeping bag as I relax for the evening. 

So, letting my place stay below zero also means that I won’t have to run my fridge to keep my refrigerator cold, when my house is a freezer. 

So, I may disconnect my batteries this evening, so I hopefully have some juice still in them when the weekend rolls around. 

I do try to save money and resources when and where I can in order to put as much cash in my savings as I can. 

I do this so to help nudge me that little bit further towards my goals. I always look to see how to turn whatever comes my way to my advantage (while at the same time not taking advantage of anyone else).

So, when it is cold outside (and in my house) I will take advantage of that and not run my fridge. (All I have to do is bundle up and think of my goals and dreams.)

As always: Keep your head up,  your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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