Thursday 24 January 2019

A Community of Disparate Skills

So, a couple of friends of mine came to town yesterday in order to go to some conference that is in town. 

Naturally we got together and chatted about this and that. An interesting thing came up when they mentioned that they were interested in starting a community as well.

Theirs was an idea to go back to the land and do everything themselves. They wanted to gather a community of disparate skills, as they put it.

The idea was to be able to live and thrive even after . . . you know . . . modern society went bye-bye.

I said that my town idea was an extension of that, I liked, and still do, the idea of gathering together all peoples with an eye to find away to not only help each person become productive, but thrive and be happy doing so (without mind-altering drugs or brainwashing BS). You know . . . by actually helping them to be happy.

Diversity is our strength, diversity in skills, diversity in interests, diversity in perspectives, diversity in life experiences, diversity in who we are as people; all of it. 

Diversity in all things yet people coming together with one vision: to build a bright and bold future without waiting for this one to crash and burn before we do so. 

The town idea was never for me to go someplace and start a town that I own. As insane as it is, I do this to start a town/community in its own right, as in not owned by me, not ruled by me. 

(You know: democracy, responsible government, all that.)

This really is what my “Town Idea” is about. And I will finish with this statement today. 

If any of this sparks an interest in you, as in if it is something that interests you, then contact me and let’s start organizing (and yeah fundraising other than my own cash).

The Terran Federation Vision Statement

A city which is dedicated to the exploration and advancement of: Science, Technology, Knowledge and Understanding while at the same time fostering and encouraging: Art, Culture, Humanitarian Endeavours, and Commerce in a manner which: builds up, enhances, and restores each and every member of our community, both new and old, so as to help each and every individual to become: Whole, Happy, Productive and Successful.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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