Tuesday 22 January 2019

Savings Dipsy-Doodle

So, today is payday, which means that I got my paycheque yesterday at close of business (as is usual).

So the first nice thing to report is that my paycheque was unmolested, meaning my hourly rate was not reduced nor was my bonus lowered or missing. 

So, that is good. Yesterday was a very busy day, with me processing a lot of orders (almost all backorders).

At any rate, as I looked at my Budgeter, after plunking in what my paycheque actually was, I noticed that I was $1.20 away from putting another $100.00 into my Long-Term Savings.

When it comes to putting cash into savings, I do so in multiples of $100.00. Less than that stays in my Main Account, to build up with my next paycheque. 

(It’s a bit of a savings game I play).

So, there I was $1.20 away from putting an extra hundred into savings. I had a few options, one was just to run a deficit and dip all of $1.20 into my personal overdraft.

Yet, then I would have that staring at me for the next two weeks . . . a deficit! A bank balance that is less than what I deem acceptable. 

Anytime I dip into my Personal Overdraft (less than $1000.00 in my Main Account) alarm bells start going off (okay not really) but this is not acceptable. 

If I have to, or if it is convenient, such as filling up or funding my wallets a few days before payday, sure, fine. To do so for over two weeks, is only acceptable in emergencies.

I could have taken some cash out of one of my wallets and deposited (all of, $2.00) into the account, but if I did that, I would have to have filmed the bank teller’s reaction.

In my Mid-Term Account, a bit of interest has been accumulating, it is up to just over $5.00 now.

So, I just borrowed $5.00 from the Mid-Term Account and plunked it into my Main Account, until next Payday where I will put it back, thereby completing the Savings Dipsy-Doodle

(It’s silly, but it’s my Savings Game, and I’m going to play it . . . after all I’m winning!)

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive.

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