Monday 21 January 2019

A New Record!

Yep, in the El-Cheapo Book of Records (AKA: Mine) I think I have a new record!

Since I have been implementing a new way of handling my Paycheques, I filled up my Gas this past weekend. 

What I have been doing is on the Friday closest to my paycheque, I have been going to the bank machine near where my mail box is. 

Then I withdraw the cash I need to put into my wallets. If I need coins, then I will go to the teller. 

On the morning of payday I will deposit my paycheque and do my banking before work via the online app. 

Thus I don’t have to do any running around on payday. Thereby saving . . . you guessed it fuel, time and of course, money.

I also have laundry day scheduled (third Sunday of the month . . . just because.) So, that meant that this past Sunday was Laundry Day. 

So, off I went to do laundry, so I decided that in order to lines that are always at the place I fuel up (as it is always the cheapest in the city) I fuelled up on Sunday morning.

Weeeeell, this is where my record comes in . . . *drum roll*

After two weeks of driving and generator fuel usage, it only cost me . . . $24.80 to fill up! 

HA! El-Cheapo Reigns again!

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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