Friday 4 March 2016

Weather: A Matter of Perspective

Today I have an example of the interesting aspects of the weather this time of year. Yesterday it was warmer than usual, and all was good. 

So good in fact that when I got home, the temperature inside Wanda was this . . .

I didn’t turn my furnace on all evening and had a nice relaxing evening. This morning, however, when I got up, the inside of Wanda was this . . . 

This pretty much sums up the weather at this time of year, warm during the day but chilly at night. 

I will say that at least I don’t have to worry about everything freezing up. I also like being able to use my own: toilet, sinks and bathtub again. 

At least I can wash my hands and dishes in the sink and yes wash myself in the bathtub. Well, stand in the bathtub and pour warm water over myself. 

I know it sounds primitive, but it is a step up from what I do during winter, let me tell you.

I am entering the time of year that is a transition, where I use less of some resources yet more of others. 

For example I use less propane and electricity because I need to run my furnace less and less. Yet I use more water, as I can bathe and wash my dishes now. 

When I can get water from a RV dump station and can use my shower and taps again (oh happy day) I will use much more water than I do now.

For now, I will enjoy the sunshine and the nice weather yet still bundle up at night. I will see the good in this time of year and indeed endeavour to see the good in every day.

There really is more good out there in the world than bad, but you have to choose to see it. That is a choice that I choose to make, and I suggest you do too.

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