Wednesday 23 March 2016

One Third Down, Two Thirds to Go

In the interest of staying positive, and not bragging, as of this payday I am one third towards my down payment goal. I am still on track to having my contingency fund topped up to emergency levels ($1000.00) in two paydays. 

Things are slowly moving forward and going better than even I give myself credit for, most of the time. 

There are areas of my life that are still stagnant, but, I can only fix one thing at a time. First get a home, then feel settled, then look to build a life, for now, hunker down in my foxhole. 

I am steadily looking for ways and things in my life to be happy and proud about. I look for ways to give myself kudos. 

I try to look and appreciate where I am doing things right and stop to notice that. In that way, I can try to help the positive and good outshine and diminish the negative and bad.

So it is in that light that I put it forward that I am one third towards my goal. It may be odd then, that I still consider myself broke. 

Sure, I may technically have a modest nest egg building up, but that money is not mine, not really. I consider it to be just another debt that needs to be paid, this one to myself, my future self. 

In that way the money that I have set aside for my savings plans are therefore not negotiable, and can’t be touched. 

The only way it could be touched is if I were suddenly unemployed, then all bets are off and we are back to survival mode, not savings mode.

If I were to borrow from any of my savings now or touch that cash in anyway it would derail and delay my savings plans and possibly push me to wait to buy a place till next year. 

Whilst waiting till next year to buy a house is a financially advantageous option, it is not a desirable one . . . I hate the cold. 

I do not frolic in the snow I watch it fall on the open prairies from the warmth of my house as I sip on a hot beverage whilst snuggling with my darling dearest. At least that is the happy thought keeping me going.

As always, keep your head up, stay positive and keep moving forward.

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