Tuesday 8 March 2016

The Slow Road to A Home

As is traditional on the morning after payday, my thoughts turn to the next payday. 

In times gone past I would limp into payday, only to throw scraps at the wolves so I could evade them as I limp into the next payday. 

These days, as I look to the next payday I seek ways to build on what I have accomplished with this paycheque. 

I look to see if I can do a bit better and get myself another toestep closer to the goals that I have set . . . it’s quite fun actually . . . yes I’ll say it, payday has become fun again!

It is frustrating that things are not going as swiftly as I had hoped, but things are progressing nicely forward. I have also determined that if I set aside an additional $200.00 per payday that I can get what I need to done, done.

With this plan, by the end of April I can have my Contingency Fund Topped up. By the end of May I can have the cash ready for Wanda’s Insurance (due by the end of May). After that I should have $800.00 extra set aside for my Down Payment, by Aug 1. 

So I will need to salvage an extra $200.00 between now and the end of July in order to have an extra $1000.00 in that Down Payment Fund. With my personal overdraft that should put me in the range of where I feel I need to be to buy a place.

All small steps down a daunting road, but all of the things that I need to do to get there are doable. After all, I have done all this before, but done them for others. 

Now I do this for myself, but in a way others too, after all, a man does not buy a house, or an acreage, in order to be alone, but have a family. 

As always: Dream for the future, Plan for the mid-term, but work on the now.


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