Friday 11 March 2016

Dueling Spreadsheets

As I have said before I use a spreadsheet to plan out exactly what I spend in which area. I set aside cash to go into my wallets. I decide how much is to go on each bill and what goes into each savings account.

This is a handy tool, but what I have been doing is shortly after enacting this plan I revamp it as I look forward to the next payday.  This then tosses out the plan as I look to the next payday. 

It has worked because I have reached a place where I pretty much leave my wallet locked away after payday and leave it there. 

I have decided that moving forward I will keep two copies of my planner spreadsheet and keep renaming them. I will keep changing the last bit of the name of both files to reflect its current status. 

The one for the pay period that I am currently using I will end with “- Current.” The one that I will use to plan out the next payday I will end with “-Next.”

This way I can keep my plan in place, and in my face for this payday to ensure that I stay on track. At the same time, however, I can lay out a preliminary plan for the next pay period. I can and will keep tweaking that plan, the closer that I get to payday in order to reflect the realities of the situation.

My goal in doing this is to keep myself on track and ensure that what is supposed to be left in my main bank account come the end of the pay period is actually there. At the same time I can plan and look and plan ahead as I work on the now. 

Just in case anyone is interested, here is a blank copy of my spreadsheet for you to download and use.

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