Wednesday 16 March 2016

The Duality of Time

It is interesting how time can flow both quickly and slowly at the same time. I can still remember sitting in my truck at the moment of choice as I decided to start this Urban Nomad Journey almost two and a half years ago.

I still remember a lot of things from long ago and they seem like they happened only yesterday. I also look forward and my goals and self-imposed deadlines seem like they are a lifetime away.

At the same time, time flows both shockingly quick and painfully slow; that is in essence is the duality of time. In truth, time itself flows at the same rate; it is just our perception of it which changes.

As for me, while I am liking the warmer weather, I can’t wait for the warm weather, as in warm enough to wear shorts, open my windows and doors. I also can’t wait until I start shopping for a house.

Yet at the same time, the saving up for the down payment is taking forever, and seems like it will never be done. I remember this feeling from the paying off of my credit cards process. 

I know that this is just my anticipation, anticipation of finally owning a home for the first time in my life. This too will get done, and I will be owning my house soon enough, of that there is no doubt.

Time is funny, though and it goes by quicker than you think; all the more reason to get out there and enjoy life. I will try to do that as I continue to spend nothing that is not essential. Again, another delicate dance to do, yet I will try regardless.

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