Thursday 10 March 2016

Goals to Happiness or Despair

I have learned that goals are powerful things, they can motivate you or they can also crush you. It is all in how you craft them. 

For example if you set your goals too high, so lofty or stringent that can never possibly achieve them, they will only serve to be a reminder of what a failure you are for not yet achieving them.

This is why I set my grand goals in “Dreams,” wishes, aspirations, of things that I want. These are my lofty goals but I don’t set them in stone nor am I specific about exactly when or how I will achieve them; just that these are things that I want to do. 

I just put my dreams out there, let them sit and serve as targets to move towards. I may achieve these dreams this year or I may not. In fact some dreams I may never achieve, that’s okay. By not attaching concrete dates to them, I can’t fail at them.

My goals, the goals that I set for myself, are ones that I can achieve in the next few months. An example of this is putting a certain amount in my savings account by a certain date. 

These goals are things that I can measure and control. In achieving these goals I am working myself towards my greater goals, my dreams.

In this way I use my lofty goals to motivate me, as I envision myself having already achieved them. In this way, they serve as a positive motivator and not a long list of goals and deadlines missed.

I have made the mistake of setting a deadline for a lofty goal before. I missed that one, and it is a goal, a dream yet to be achieved. It still stings to think of it.

This is why I say “Dream for the future, Plan for the mid-term, but work on the now.”

Your dreams are what you are working towards, but you cannot be certain or plan out anything further than the next few months, after that there are too many variables for you to ensure success. 

At the end of the day, all you can really do, all any of us can really do is do what you can do today, here now right now, today that will move you towards your goals and dreams. 

All any of us have is today, as long as you are doing something, however small, towards your goals and dreams, this should pick up your spirits. For then you can pause and reflect on that goal and know that you are moving towards it. That should make you smile and be proud of yourself. 


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