Tuesday 29 March 2016

Running the Numbers

I find myself mulling over various schemes and scenarios which will improve my standard of living yet still get myself totally debt free by January 2018. This is the date when Treabilla’s loan will be over and done with naturally.

This involves renting a room for six months and living out and about in Wanda for the other six months. I even mused about renting a spot at a not too distant campground for the season so I could be stationery for pretty much year round. 

There are still more numbers to crunch and I may end up buying a place but as long as I am single and saddled with debt, I just don’t see that as a viable option. 

After all I would be back to where I was three years ago, with a maxed out budget and no savings to speak of. This is what gives me the most amount of pause in buying a place right now. The no furniture thing is just a chuckle and future embarrassment when people come over.

I will keep my options open and keep running the numbers as I will say this: planning and forethought are wise investments of time before any endeavor. I should have done so before embarking on this Urban Nomad venture, but I learned along the way.

As I determine and plan my next step I will say this, I will make sure to think things through beforehand and make sure that whatever move I make is the right one. (yes I see another spreadsheet in my near future.)

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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