Thursday 17 March 2016

Daily Victories

I saw a picture of a T-Shirt on the internet which read “I pooped today!” While I am not advocating celebrating absolutely EVERY of your daily accomplishments, it is important to pause and reflect on what you are doing right.

What I mean is that acknowledge each step that you take towards your goals and dreams. Remind yourself that you are making progress; that you are getting somewhere, however slow the pace of that progress may seem.

As for me, this is a lesson that I repeatedly need to teach myself. I seem to need to remind myself of my long list of victories and achievements. 

When compared to those of other men, they may pale in comparison, but these are mine and each one is hard won. 

I try to not compare myself and my life to that of others, for each of us do not know what their life is really like, from the outside looking in.

Each day that I am out here, each day that I tough it out and don’t opt for the comfort and “Normalcy” of a fixed address, is helping me get ahead financially. 

I can do this; I have already made it through two winters in Wanda. I can make it through spring and summer in her as well. I will earn my home, my acreage. 

I simply need to keep in mind what I have already achieved to stave of the sensations and feelings of being a complete and total failure in life. 

So remember, as I must, to focus on the positive and try to filter out and ignore the negative. As always, keep moving forward.

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