Thursday 3 March 2016

Tax Refund Update

So, good news, bad news. The good news is that I got my tax refund back. The bad news is that it was less than anticipated, as in less than a third of what was anticipated.

In essence it seems that they ignored all of the education credits and basically just decided to give me less than what the tax software said I would get . . . because they could.

On the positive side, this did pull me out of my personal overdraft. So, that is a good thing, and my stress level has dropped because of it. I am also now just under half way towards filling up my travel/contingency fund, so that is another positive. 

Sure I will talk to the guy who did my taxes and we will file an appeal or what have you. I don’t hold out any hopes, after all it is the CRA we are talking about. 

I choose to look at this as I got something back and I am now in fully in savings mode. After all, I am now putting money into my: Contingency Fund, Down Payment Fund, and my RRSP all at the same time, every payday.

I will adapt and carry on, sure this puts a big dent in my down payment plan, and now I am back down to my original target $10k saved up by August 1.

By the first payday of April, however, I will be into putting all of my salvaged money into the Down Payment Fund. So in the end, I will achieve my new goal of $13K in my Down Payment Fund one way or another.

I am disappointed and this is a let down, but I choose to look at the positive side of this. I will roll with the punches but keep on moving forward and yes, do so with as positive an attitude that I can muster.

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