Tuesday 1 March 2016

Made Food for Months Again

I made another batch of my Taco-Meat-Stuff on Sunday, so last night I measured it out into bags to freeze. I do this so I only defrost a small amount at a time. 

This way I can actually keep this stuff for months and feed myself for relatively little money. If I had a larger freezer I could, and would, make a wide variety of batches and therefore always have a choice of what to eat. 

Since I have a small freezer, it is enough to squeeze one batch of food for dinner, and another for lunches. In a week or so I will make another batch of my stuff for lunches. 

The last batch that I made for dinner turned out a bit bland and a bit too liquid. Those were two things I corrected in this batch, as I added 4 cans of hot chilly into this. I increased the meat and yes the vegies and hash browns as well. 

I simmered this stuff for at least three hours on low heat (once simmering). While it was cooking I thickened the mixture by adding a couple cups of pancake mixture. I know it is traditional to add flour, but I had none on hand. It worked, this stuff was very tasty and yes, thick. 

This time I ended up with about 36 pounds of food, so yeah I won’t starve anytime soon.

Each bag is one pound and that is double stacked and five stacks are three bags high. The last bit is in the container in the fridge. 

This little trick is something that I have learned along the way to help keep my food budget down. As well I get to choose what is in this stuff yet still get convenience of a quick and easy meal. 

Getting and keeping control of this part of my overall budget is one key way that I have been able to be successful in this Urban Nomad endeavour. 

I used to either eat fast food take-out or just eat pre-processed convenience food. Both of which were expensive and just not good for me. I don’t know how exactly good this stuff is for me, but I have lost a lot of weight, and that’s not bad.


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