Tuesday 1 December 2015

December Is Here, Yet So Am I

December has finally arrived and yet I have only had one day of -20C weather. For me this is a good thing, and I am still working to convince myself that +10C in my house is warm . . . still working on that.

There really is nothing to wake you up better than changing from warm clothes to street clothes when the temperature is around or slightly below +10C. Let me tell you, you change quick . . . grumble, but change quick. 

This is the price I pay for living in an RV on the streets of Calgary in winter. I will live though, I will get through this and the warm temperatures will return. 

I took a picture of that candle that I mentioned just to show you how much light one candle does give off. I can work by this candle and be fine doing it. 

I am looking forward to my trip down to the coast this month yet I have yet to book a campsite yet, I suppose that I should do that, lest I want to park in my brother’s driveway or tow Wanda all around the Vancouver area . . . not desirable. 

It is not lost on me that this year is warmer than last year. This time last year -10C was considered a warm day, and typically it was near or below -20C. All I remember is the cold, the really, really cold weather. 

I survived though, and that brings me to the purpose of this day’s blog entry:

With each hardship I face, I gain a small measure of determination, just for facing it.

With each hardship I see through, I gain a small measure of resiliency, for enduring it. 

With each challenge that I face, I have gained a small measure of courage, just for facing it. 

With each challenge that I have overcome, I have gained a small measure of confidence in myself and my abilities. 

With each problem that I have to solve, I gain a small measure of ingenuity and yet another tool in my problem solving toolbox.

So you see, the: harder, more challenging and problem filled that my life is, the better person that I become. So in that, I am blessed to be living in an RV on the streets of a cold prairie town in winter.

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