Thursday 17 December 2015

Run To The Hills! . . . (Again)

It got down to somewhere near -20C last night, but I was okay, as I know how to handle the cold. I don’t like it, but I can handle it.  I have said it before how much I hate the cold, and I do. I will endure though; I will get through this, and eventually leave the cold behind for good.

I did make some progress on the Urban Nomad Book, slower progress, but it is still moving forward nonetheless. As well, my new generator started up and ran fine last night, so that’s good. 

This month has been a bit more expensive than I had planned, yet then again, not. I had planned that my trip to the coast would take up my spare cash from this upcoming paycheque, and these unforeseen expenses will do just that. I will still get out of the month with my cards paid off, and that is something.

I am learning that there are times when a small extravagance is okay, especially after achieving a large goal, as I have just done.  I also know that I need a break, so my (seemingly) annual Christmas break in the mountains of Banff will do me good. 

It has been a hard year and I need to unwind and relax as I get ready for this next phase in my life. I also need to pause and reflect on what has happened and prepare myself for what lies ahead. I have been miserable as of late and my attitude needs adjusting. This trip is something that I need to do, for me.

I plan to get out of the trailer more this time around, and actually see the town of Banff or explore some hiking trails around the area. I will be able to keep myself warm though, and that is a nice thing, oh to have that glorious 30 Amp service and my electric heater.  

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