Monday 30 November 2015

Simple is Better

I had a good weekend; I did a lot of writing on a side project. I do that a lot, I will get distracted by this idea that pops into my head and will tear off in that direction to write this or craft that. 

It can seem counterproductive but I find that by allowing myself to pursue these ideas when they come, that new ideas feel freer to come through. It is along the lines of don’t judge your ideas as you have them. You won’t think of anything if you evaluate and judge what you think of as you are thinking.

I threw out my large fat candle that I had been using to burn in the middle of my table at night. I just got tired of it not burning the edges and thereby hiding the flame. That and then having to break the sides down and put those bits in the candle to melt; it was too much work. This is a problem for me as I use that candle to light the tealights.

I light my center candle with my lighter then when that candle is going I use it to light my tealights before distributing them around the room. I get light that way, atmosphere, save energy and cash that way. 

I bought a box of tall narrow white candles, in the shape of those “Emergency Candles” we have all seen. I also bought a simple candleholder for it too. I gotta tell you that candle is bright and I can easily work just by the light it gives off. 

It just goes to show that the simpler things are better. You don’t need fancy, you can get by with less. I suppose that is the reoccurring theme for my lifestyle . . . getting by on less and doing things the simpler way. (Not easy necessarily, but simpler.) 

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