Tuesday 8 December 2015

Payday is Fun Again!

I know that some, most of you, are going to hate me for this, but here goes anyways. For the longest time, as in over the span of a few presidents I have hated payday as it always meant that the money flew through my account in the span of a few hours as I paid everyone else.

I had decided that no matter what I would achieve my second goal of keeping one thousand dollars in my account at all times, well I did that. Not only that but I was able to pay both credit cards down to nothing and put a couple of hundred into my savings account. 

It was fun! The really cool thing is that I get to do this again and again and again! I get to sit down and figure out what I am going to do with my money, what I choose to do with my money. My money is not already spent for me, my paycheque has not been predetermined where it is going to go.

I am on the side of things where my finances are getting better and better. I am nowhere near being well off, but I am steadily improving and doing much better than I was two years ago. This is the fun side of this journey, trying to type while I can see my breath inside my house is not the fun part, but it is that which got me to this day.

I have begun working again on my book about this journey. So far, it is going well and I am averaging a small chapter a day, so far. We shall see how it goes, but it is good to be writing it.

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