Wednesday 9 December 2015

Nostalgic Writing Going Well

My work on my book about this journey is going well. I have tried to make it more than just transposing or boiling down the contents of this blog. That would be cheating and not worth anyone buying. 

What I am trying to make this book, is an overview of what I did and why yet mix that with lessons that I have learned and yes, what I would have done differently if I had to do it again.  

I have been getting steadily inspired during the day and clearly my creative energies are focussed on this book, finally. The chapters are much smaller than those in my novels that I have written but it seems to fit the emerging style of this book, small bits of information doled out in each chapter.

I made sure to include my mistakes and inaccurate assumption, not simply for the smug humour of the reader but so others can learn from my mistakes. I am not sure how long this book will take to write or how long it will be, I will just write it and let it be, what it will be. 

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