Friday 18 December 2015

The Good and Bad of the Cold Weather

Just for fun, I thought that I would make a list of some of the positives and negatives of this cold weather and how it relates to living in an RV. Here goes.

POSITIVE: I don’t need to run my fridge at all. 
NEGATIVE: My house is a freezer when I sleep and a fridge when I am awake.

POSITIVE:  I get to relax each evening surrounded in candlelight as I listen to soothing music.
NEGATIVE: If I don’t do everything I can to conserve every electron of electricity I won’t have power in the morning for the furnace . . . or laptop.

POSITIVE:  I get to change into my “pajamas” as soon as I get home.
NEGATIVE:  I have to change my clothes in a deep freeze.

POSITIVE:  I don’t have to drive in the snow during rush hour.
NEGATIVE: I have to try to find parking in parking lots for something longer than a bus during the mad Christmas Shopping Season.

POSITIVE:  I don’t heat my house when I am not there, thereby saving: propane, electricity and cash.
NEGATIVE:  I have to wait as my house warms up to the temperature of a refrigerator. 

POSITIVE:  My chilly house at night would encourage that special lady to snuggle with me.
NEGATIVE:  No woman in her right mind would date a guy living in an RV only to freeze her tuchus off all winter.

There you go, just a bit of fun before the weekend.

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