Monday 14 December 2015

Christmas Plans Gone Awry

This is where I admit another one of my mistakes. I had been so focused on paying my credit cards off that I didn’t think of anything beyond achieving that glorious goal. 

As far as I was concerned, Christmas was a thousand years away and I was going down to the coast for it. There were a few wrinkles in my plan that my lack of forethought brought into being. 

For one, my family out on the cost is scattering, everyone going their own way. So, even if I did go down I would be pretty much on my own for most of the ten day visit (save my mother).

For another, I can’t drive down because the Provincial Government of BC has made it illegal to drive through the mountains in winter without winter tires. I have never owned a set of winter tires in my life. 

I have even driven in a small car with bald tires in a snowstorm and have been okay.  I am not about to spend $1200.00 to get winter tires just for one road trip. 

Risking it and driving down anyways is silly because being the only guy towing a trailer down the highway through the mountains would make me stick out a tad.

So then I thought about flying down.  Well, let’s just say I could probably get a good deal to Mexico for the price of round trip ticket to Vancouver. So I will be staying in Calgary for my Christmas Break. I may go to the mountains or some other Campground, who knows.

I decided to buy a few new clothes and dress a bit better; nothing extravagant but a few sweaters and socks and some new shoes. While T-Shirts are comfortable I kinda wanna up my game with regards to clothes.  

Call it an early New Year’s Resolution, but I kinda figure that I should dress better and not look like the hermit in the RV.


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