Monday 21 December 2015

Warm Winter Ways

This weekend got a might chilly, but nothing I can’t handle. After all, I have seen worse before, and I will surely see it again. 

I bought a new electric heater this weekend and I found out something interesting. I discovered that at a lower setting I can use it while my generator is running. Even more interesting is that it is more efficient than my propane furnace. 

This electric heater was able to get my place up to 10C even though it was -15 or so outside. Not bad, I was able to turn my furnace off completely and save the propane. 

I had to buy a new one because I threw out my old one. I had it stored in the back of my truck all summer long. Why was this a problem? 

It had absorbed the exhaust from my generator. So, when I turned it on it smelled like exhaust. I will not make that mistake again and now I have to find some place to store it inside Wanda. 

It was good to find a way to get warm even in the cold weather. It is figuring out these little tricks that make life interesting these days. 

I am looking forward to my time at the campground in Banff and my Christmas break. Okay, that and the glorious power plug into come . . . ah unrestricted access to electricity.

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