Friday 11 December 2015

Settling in to Winter Okay

I am finally getting over my winter tantrum. I have just accepted that winter is here and thankful that the REAL winter hasn’t arrived. 

I don’t need a reminder of how bad that winter can be out here on the Canadian Prairies, thank you very much. Last year’s bout with -20C to -30C was good enough for me. I can handle this -10C stuff till spring just fine, thanks.

I am, however, settling into my routine that I have when into my winter hibernation mode. I can muddle through just great and the various tricks that I need to do and the quirks that I need to adopt don’t bother me that much. 

You just adapt with the season and do what you need to do to survive and get by. I know what to do to not freeze yet not spend too much. I am not comfortable, but I am okay. 

Spring and summer are much nicer for me as it is much nicer to be lounging around in shorts with my windows open and that light breeze drifting through. 

I do okay in winter, though. Relaxing in my little home on wheels as I listen to light jazz by candlelight is nice too. Of course it would be nicer if I couldn’t see my breath while doing it.

I just look at my goals that I have accomplished and those yet to be accomplished and I muddle through. I am on the path to a better place in life, and ultimate freedom that will come with all of my debts paid off. 

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