Wednesday 23 December 2015

One Day to Go

I only have to get through today and tonight and I will be on my way for my much needed winter break. I am looking forward to the simple things, like:

Not having to melt the leftover coffee in my coffee cup so I can toss the frozen coffee out, before my morning coffee.
Not seeing my breath in my house.
Not taking “Mitten Breaks” in my typing (as in pause to wear mittens to warm up my hands).
Real heat around the clock in my house (as in 20C)
Not wearing three sets of long johns all the time at home.
Sleeping in sheets and not in a -40C rated sleeping bag.

I am managing in the cold, but I need a break, I will persevere and I will get through this. I will achieve my goals and get ahead in life . . . I just despise the cold.

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