Monday 8 June 2020

The Homestead Fund Update

Okay, so it is that time again, when I update how my progress is going on my “Grand Savings Plan!” (to build my "Homestead Fund") This update is huge!

Okay, so let’s see how I did . . . 

For review, here is how things looked from last payday . . .

That is 37.2% (of my Savings Target).

And this is how things look like, after the dust settled on this payday’s budget . . . 

That’s right things jumped up to 40.0% of my savings target. 

That means I put away 2.8%% of my total Savings Target this payday.

This is a massive jump, considering I usually put away less than 1% per payday. It is also a milestone to finish off a row (as complete a multiple of ten).

The reason for this is that the value of one of my investment vehicles has gone up. Predictably the value of the other investment vehicle has gone down.

Yet it did not go down enough to take away from the massive gains in the other. 

I know that the value of these investments do fluctuate and so the value of my investments can and will go down. I am just celebrating the gain for now.

We shall see how things go, but hopefully things will keep moving in the upward direction.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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