Wednesday 3 June 2020

Consistency And Dedication Are Key

If you want to accomplish anything in life (great or small) you need to have the dedication and put in the consistent effort required in order to complete that task.

It really is that simple, the secret to my success (such as it is, thus far). I had a vision, made a plan, then decided to put that plan into action.

I have been working that plan ever since. Every day, every payday I nudge myself a little bit more forward towards my goals.

It is not a way to get things done quickly, but it is a way to get things done.

Yet you have to not only get started but stick with it. That is where consistency is arguably a bit more important than dedication.

You can develop dedication by setting up a pattern of consistency. For me it is just what I do, I revise my budgets for each payday, as I go.

On payday, I enact that budget. Throughout the payperiod I keep referencing and updating my budgets with what I have done, what I have spent and what I haven’t.

It is a pattern that I have established, a pattern that became a habit, a habit that has proven to help me succeed. 

It is seeing me succeed that has helped me keep dedicated to my plan to achieve my goals and dreams.

So, set up a pattern of success and consistently work it, dedication and success will follow.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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