Wednesday 24 June 2020

Made New Stew

So, as you all know, in order to cut down on food costs, I make a large batch of food and freeze it, so that it is ready to go when I want to eat.

It is my way of doing small-scale industrial pre-packaged cooking. Well, yes I did this, this last weekend, but it there was a twist this time . . . I had help.

So, a friend of mine suggested a few different suggestions as to what I could cook, rather than just my typical large batch of “Mealstarter.”

After some chatting bank and forth we settled on a nice beef stew. She even offered for us to cook it at her place, as it made sense, since she had electricity and running water.

I brought over my large stock pot, hotplate and scale and she brought her cooking skills to the table.

We cooked the meal on Sunday but let it sit until last night (yes it was refrigerated) before we divvied it up.

This time it was a bit of a challenge as while I was weighting it, this batch was mostly liquid, as it is a stew and not the more solid stuff that I usually make.

This meant that freezer bags were required rather than just my usual sandwich ziplock bags. (There were a few early failures in packaging let me just say).

Regardless we ended up with 32 meals and some leftover stock. With my more solid stuff, I can end up with twice that much, as I do measure by weight for each meal.

This stuff does look good and it is different than what I usually make, so that is another bonus.

So, to thank my friend for all of her help, I split the meals we made evenly, she kept 16 and I took 16 home with me.

All in all it was productive and quite fun. I certainly appreciated the help of my friend.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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