Thursday 11 June 2020

The Big Five-O

Yep, it’s here, my fiftieth birthday, and all in all, I’m doing okay, better than okay, and certainly better than I had thought I would spend the day.

Yet, I will admit that working and doing my regular routine on this day is worse than I could, and some may say should be spending this day.

I had thought of doing various things, a camping trip or other such activity in nature for the week. Never got around to planning it, what with the pandemic and all.

I had also thought, seriously thought of holding a day of mourning for the loss of the dreams that never will come to pass. 

A day where I turn off all forms of communication and just retreat into a day of darkness and despair, refusing to talk or text with anyone.

You know, fun, happy times like that.

Life is what you make it and life is what happens as you make other plans and life does go by quickly. 

I remember going grocery shopping as a child and seeing the stock boy with his price gun having to put a price sticker on each and every item, each can of soup, before he put it on the shelf.

I remember the game that some people would do by switching stickers on items for a cheaper sticker on a nearby item. Then, at the cashier they would argue to get that lower price. 

All before the invention and implementation of Universal Package Code, with UPC scanners at each checkout, so as to eliminate such costly games for the store. 

I remember walking myself to and from preschool a few blocks away, all on my own. 

As well to and from Kindergarten, remembering that I had to walk to Grandma and Grandpa’s house afterwards for the afternoon.

My age is relative, meaning that to a teenager I am ancient, yet to someone who is more . . . seasoned as it were, I am still a child.

In Hobbit years I am just getting into my stride, in my early twenties as it were.

In elf years I am barely potty-trained. 

Yet to a dog I am mindbogglingly old.

Age is all relative.

I am still here, still upright and still taking nourishment, and still pursuing my dreams.

I will have my house I will have my land, and yes, I will have my family . . . which includes getting my “S,” my travel companion as it were 

(The “S” refers to The Urban Nomads  . . . as in plural, as in more than one Urban Nomad . . . so as to make my blog address finally legitimate.)

Yet life can and will change and the plan could change, and I could move into a place . . . for the right gal as long as it made sense.

Never be so firmly dedicated to your plan to not . . . alter it . . . when needed. Yet, when making such alterations to your plan, make sure that you are still moving towards your goals and dreams.

It is okay to take a different path, as long as you get to where you want to go.

That and age really is relative.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!
(Says the barely potty-trained elf.)

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