Friday 19 June 2020

Summer Is Here!

So, it will officially be summer tomorrow, meaning that tomorrow is the longest day of the year, yay. 

It also means that I probably won’t have to brush show off of my solar panels for a few months yet . . . probably, leaves maybe, but not snow.

I am here in my trailer, enjoying the weather and trying to find ways to enjoy each day. I work and I go home, listen to the radio, traditional and satellite.

I write in the mornings (my novel series that I am working on). 

I still don’t know when or where I will publish it, but with it currently being estimated at being eight books long when it is done, I probably should do something with it. (I am almost finished book five).

I digress, I am trying to balance, or rather find the balance between living cheaply and putting away for the future and living for today.

I am hoping that I can and will find the balance, when and if, I find my “S.” As in, get a girlfriend (or whatever you call your woman when you are fifty).

It is a bit much for me to expect a gal to jump into my life and into my trailer. Yet it is also a bit much to expect me to give up my frugal ways and all but abandon my dreams of savings and buying land.

So, as I move forward and enjoy life while living frugally, I need to strike that balance between the two. 

Because I have to tell you, living alone on a quarter section of land does not sound like something I want to do.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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