Wednesday 6 July 2016

Wanda Watch

So, I was running some numbers the other day on my Wanda Loan . . . I do that now and again. I came up with an encouraging answer. 

I was guesstimating exactly, if my current savings plan holds up, when I would be able to pay off the Wanda Loan all in one go. 

The answer that came back was that next August at the earliest. This means that I would have paid off Wanda five months earlier than Trea’s loan. 

How is this? Well, with each payment, the loan drops just a little bit. Fast forward twenty months from when I calculated this schedule the last time and you have that encouraging number.

The exact month may vary, depending on a few things, but somewhere in the fall of next year I will pay Wanda off, all in one go! Early!

This should serve me well to motivate me when next winter finally rolls around. I will not think about winter now, as my vacation starts in a few days. 

What this means is that for the next two days I have my evening filled with last minute details to see to. 

Tonight is laundry night, because I don’t want to go out on vacation hauling around a large load of dirty laundry.

Tomorrow is payday, so that means that tomorrow night is my running around evening finishing off with bill paying, and of course grocery shopping.

This is not me bragging again, but demonstrating a nifty way to motivate yourself:  Look for good news and something happy to report about your life. 

I know that planning and predicting something a year out is foolish. It is way too far away for me to definitively plan, as any number of a thousand things could happen. 

Still, it is encouraging to actually see the end of one of the two remaining loans that I currently have, the larger one at that. 

So, if you are down and feeling mired in negativity, pause look around in your life and make sure to notice something positive in your life. 

I know that you will notice more than a few, if you just look.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward.

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