Tuesday 26 July 2016

My Own Credit Card

Okay, so first of all, yesterday was Payday for me, so that meant running around and ending up in my Western Home. 

With the help of a bit of budgetary trickery I was able to put some cash into my Mid-Term Savings Account. This was my depleted “Vacation Fund.” 

I am hoping that by the end of next month, to have that sucker back up to its “minimum acceptable level of $1000.00. 

Just before going on my vacation I talked to the bank and “activated” the savings button. 

As in, I had them point the “Savings” button on any of those Debit payment machines to point to my Mid-Term Savings Account.

What this meant was that I was able to go on vacation and still keep my main account and regularly scheduled budgeting on track and not be obliterated.

Coming back, what this means is that I can spend cash directly out of that account. So, in effect, what I have done is made my own personal credit card. 

I was shopping yesterday, after buying my groceries I realized that there were a few household items that I needed, so across the parking lot I went to buy them from my host store.

As I neared the cash register, I was going to put it on the credit card, and pay it off when I get paid again. 

It has been a game where I steal from the next payday cycle for stuff that I want now. I decided to break that cycle and just buy these items out of my Mid-Term Savings Account. 

The idea is to bring back the real pain of the spend and cause me to really wonder if I need to buy this item or that. 

It worked as I was not pleased to see that account diminished, even by the $30.00 of this transaction. 

A healthy portion of it was office supplies that I stock up on during the “Back to school sales.” 

One such item are the simple and plain zip up pencil cases that are great for storing cables, chargers and other small items in. 

So, I will continue to do this and do my darndest to only spend online purchases on the credit card. I hope to keep this card down to zero, and never carry a balance. 

I thought that I would share this little trick and see if it could help others.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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