Thursday 21 July 2016

Day 13

Yesterday was my day to explore the Victoria harbour, and I did spend around four hours walking and wandering around the harbour. 

First I wandered around one end of the harbour and then the other. The first part I wandered about was more residential in nature and quite picturesque at that.

I then drove over to the more traditional downtown core and parked in the first space I could find. 

Parking was at a premium so I paid for parking on this side and it was expensive, but I am still in “vacation mode” so I didn’t complain or get mad.

What I did do was set a saved location (pin) of where I parked on my map ap and set an alarm for when the parking was going to expire, five minutes early as a matter of fact.

This way I could wander and explore and still have time to run back to the truck (and know how to find it) before my time was up. 

Here is some of what I took on the other side of the harbour.

Some of the ships and yachts were gargantuan in size and scale. It seemed odd that anyone would need a ship that size for your personal runabout. Perhaps that’s just me. I didn’t take pictures of specific ships, as that just felt wrong to do.

It was as picturesque and lovely as I had imagined and I soaked up the scenery and the atmosphere. I ended up going home early and just plopping down.

I seem to have hit a wall as this morning too I feel like I have literally hit a brick wall. 

I am exhausted and it took some doing even to get out of bed by 9:30. For someone who usually gets out of bed at 4:00 am, this is saying something.  

I seem to have gotten to the point in my vacation where I need to just plop and rest. My greatest achievement over the next two days will be to find a Laundromat to do my laundry. 

So, if anyone in the Victoria area wants to visit with me, be prepared to come to my corner of the world. I am just not able to go anywhere . . . I is pooped. 

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