Friday 22 July 2016

Day 14

My how time flies, it is now two full weeks since I have started this vacation. This is the last day of my real vacation as the next two days are travel days. 

I did rest an do very little yesterday, and I will do the same today. Sometime in the afternoon I will do my laundry and later still I will pack up the house somewhat.

As I have done before, I will wait until eight in the morning before packing up, so as to not make too much noise. I still plan to be hitched up and be driving out of here or “Wheels Rolling” by nine.

I still have no idea which sailing of the ferry I will catch, but I plan to drive to Kamloops and stay there for the night and drive the rest of the way home on Sunday.

As far as the vacation fund goes, my estimations were right as it is or will be all but drained by the time I get home. 

Again that is fine, as it was a vacation and this was the time for me to spend a bit of cash and see family. 

I will go back to my miserly ways and fill that fund back up and yes, keep my savings plan on track. I will be fine, I will be debt free and in so doing be truly free.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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