Sunday 24 July 2016

Day 16 - Rolling Into Revelstoke

Okay, so it seems that once I got diving, I just kept going. 

I got up and packed, on schedule. As an added twist, I noticed after I was all packed up that there was an obscure and hidden box behind the electrical hookup . . . The cable vision hookup.

I had 'suffered' through a week of crappy TV with signal dropping out regularly while using my 'digital rabbit ears' on the roof, rather than use the cable vision connection that was there. . . And the cable vision cable that I had bought specifically for this purpose ah well.

I made it to the 11:00 ferry and we made it to the other side by 12:30. After that I drove through to Hope, took an early exit, got kinda lost . . . As in the scenic route to the McDonalds but managed to find a place to fill up first. 

After that I drove to Kamloops and after topping up and getting a snack I ended up driving to Revelstoke, where a large RV/Truck rest area called to me. So I stayed here for the night. 

This morning I was greeted by this view.

Well, I need to finish up breakfast, as I am Blogging on my iPad in the local Tim Hortons. It is about time that I got back out on the road again. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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