Tuesday 12 July 2016

Vacation Catch-Up!

Well, where to begin! It has been a busy few days so I will go quickly to let you know what has been going on over these past few days. 


After work I raced over to the airport and parked in the “Overheight” parking lot. I got there a bit early so I decided to just bite the bullet and wait. 

So there I was writing, sipping coffee and just waiting for mother’s flight to come in. At the appointed time I packed up and headed to the right spot to await for arrivals. 

And I waited, and waited and waited, and started to get early. Then I got a text from my mother, letting me know that she was about fifty feet to my left waiting at the baggage carousel. Apparently she took an elevator and bypassed the door that I was waiting at. 

After that we drove to my Western Home and did a bit of shopping for last minute supplies where I ran Jenny for a few hours as we relaxed.

Day 2

The next morning I took her to IKEA for the cheap breakfast (just for the experience). I also made sure to buy some “Child-Proof Locks.” 

Why? They are great at keeping cabinet doors closed. This is key for someone who tows and bounces their home down the road all the time. I bought two different types, and these types work best. 

We waited around, waiting for a text message from a friend of mothers to contact her so as to allow us to finalize plans to meet up. We waited until around one O’clock before heading out of town, finally leaving on our trip. 

We meandered through a couple small towns, and I made sure to stop and allow my mother to soak in the charm and beauty that is the small prairie town. 

We ended up spending the night at a mission base, that my mother has a contact at. She had wanted to help out there but never was able to get a chance to work there. 

So, as I setup the house, making sure to plug Wanda in, mother had a long-anticipated chat as to why. In the end it was just one of those things that things never quite worked out, no great conspiracy there.

Day 3

This day we got up and drove down to Waterton Lakes. We stopped in a couple small towns on the way including Pincher Creek where we toured the “Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village.”

It was a lovely collection of old buildings from the area and is well worth the ten dollar admission fee. If you are in the area, I encourage you to take a moment to take a walk around. 

We then carried on to the park itself and our first stop at Waterton Lakes was the “Prince of Wales Hotel.” 

The hotel itself is quite beautiful and historic, as it was built in 1927 but this is where the story gets cute. It was built by an American Company as its only stop on their rail tourism tour. 

To make things more odd, the male staff all run around in Kilts and/or wearing neckties made with the official royal family tartan. I was not able to get an answer if the hotel has permission to wear the official royal family tartan.

The next interesting thing is the fact that the hotel itself (as far as I understand) has no official connection to the royal family. 

The prevailing rumour hotel was named “The Prince of Wales Hotel” because the real Prince of Wales was apparently in the region and they hoped that naming the hotel in his honour, that he would visit . . . he didn’t.

That evening we setup camp at the campsite.

We then went for a walk and toured the area and enjoyed the scenery. We even went on a walk to tour the small town that is the town of Waterton.

Day 4

This day was a day of driving and travelling. We packed up late and leisurely made our way out of Waterton, not long before the mandatory checkout time of eleven O’clock.

After a bit of brunch and gas fill-up in Pincher Creek we were off. We stopped for a bit of a walk around at Frank Slide. Then again we carried on to Cranbrook for a late lunch. 

After that it was back on the road. We then went back onto the road and we drove on to Nelson and to the campground here. 

I had to back the trailer in down a snaking course where I had to disconnect and then park elsewhere. There was no room for the truck in front of Wanda. It should prove interesting for us when it comes to hitch up and leave tomorrow morning.

Day 5

Today we will explore the town of Nelson and let mother talk to some people that are setting up a mission base here. She is interesting in helping them with there work.

I will blog tomorrow, (and each day of this vacation)

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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