Tuesday 19 July 2016

Day 11 – Travel Day

Today was a travel day where I travelled to the island and connected with the family over here. 

So, as I was leaving and packing up, I decided to take a quick shot to show you of where I have been staying while in the lower mainland area. 

I got up, packed up, and then made sure to fill all of my tanks and yes spare water tanks before leaving. 

This is a thing that I do, I always pretend that I am not staying in a campsite for a while, even though I have made arrangements for a place to stay the next night.

The simple reason for this is that the only guarantee in this lifestyle is that I am responsible for making sure that I have what I need to live. 

There are any number of a thousand reasons as to why I will not be in a campsite the next night, so I always like to be prepared. 

So this means charging up everything that needs to be charged up, filling up water tanks, and doing my dishes and anything else that makes sense to do with a: water, sewer and power connection.

Pretty much as long as I have had Wanda, there has been a problem with the water level sensors in her black water tanks. 

It always reads at least ¾ full no matter what is actually in there. This is due to “klingons” inside the tank attaching themselves to one of the sensors.

One little trick I did to try to clean out my black water tank, was to fill it half full of water before the trip. I also poured some dish soap and chemical cleaner down there as well. 

The reasoning is that the motion of driving and the rocking motion of the ferry will swish and swirl that water around in that tank and therefore clean the inside of the tank.

When I got to my new campsite I not only drained the tanks but also did that water flushing trick with that new wand washer thingy that I have down the toilet.

Well, it worked and her sensors now read accurately. So, yay! Okay, back to the trip.

So on my way to the ferry I was almost smashed into by 3 impatient drivers and saw a road rage incident

One driver got out of their car, and rushed to the car in front of them and opened the driver’s door. The driver of this car, screeched out of there, turned left from the right hand lane on a red light and sped down that road. . . . welcome to Vancouver.

I got to the ferry terminal after a nice leisurely drive and was welcomed by an eagle. an actual bald eagle flew beside my truck just a few metres to my left. 

I don’t have a picture of that because I was driving and to do so would be distracted driving. 

So here I am at the ferry terminal.

Here I am in the lineup at the ferry, where I had a one sail wait. 

One note of interesting trivia is that my truck and trailer all together from the front to back is 45 feet long. They had to measure it for the ferry. 

Another bit of trivia to remember is that for one, the ride was 230 bucks, and the other is that they only take credit cards, no debit. Odd that.

Here I am in the ferry car deck.

Of course here we are pulling away from the dock.

On the trip there were some lovely coastal scenery.

Finally I made it to the campsite that I had booked and settled in. Here is my home for the week.

After getting settled in and flushing out my tanks I rested for a bit but ended up at my sister’s house for a game of “cards against humanity” to play with the kids (the naughty cards had been removed).

Here is a shot of everyone playing cards.

And here is a shot of me and my two sisters on the couch.

Here is a shot of us trying to make this shot work yet someone kept photo-bombing. (This was the best).

Here is a lovely and artistic pic of my sister and her daughter (my niece), nicely framed.

Here is the final shot of this blog, my extended family that lives down either on the island or in the lower mainland (minus one sister and her family).

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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