Friday 29 July 2016

The Shampoo Bottle Curse

One of the necessities that we all share, no matter our living arrangements is that we all need to see to personal hygiene.
This includes washing or some form of showering and yes, will include the use of shampoo. I am no different. No matter what form of bath I use: shower, jug shower, or bachelor’s bath, I will use shampoo.
One of the challenges of this lifestyle is that since I drag my house around behind me wherever I go, that things in cupboards tend to shift in transit.
This in and of itself is not really a problem but what is the problem is things falling out at you when you open that cupboard. This happened last night, prompting a reminiscent situation.
I opened my bathroom upper cupboard and out fell my shampoo bottle, aiming for my head. It bounced off of me and hit a sharp corner of my bathroom sink counter.
This poked a hole in the bottle, near the bottom of the bottle, of course. Oddly, enough this was not the first time that this had happened to me.
This has happened before and about a year ago, when I bought my last bottle of shampoo (I don’t have that much hair) the pump in it was cracked.
I thought about returning it to the store, but given the fact that the store would write off the bottle and toss it out, I didn’t.
That seemed like a waste as the shampoo was fine, just the bottle itself was damaged. Knowing that all I needed was a new bottle, a sturdier bottle, I got to thinking.
I realized that a good bottle was a plastic soda bottle. Since my shampoo bottle was one litre in size all I had to do was buy a one litre bottle of soda and drink its contents.
After doing that, and washing the bottle out I ended up with something looking like this.
That tasty looking concoction is my shampoo poured into that same soda bottle. I got exactly two showers out of the actual proper shampoo bottle before having to go back to this one.
Ah well, it works, it is sturdy and as I said before, there is nothing wrong with the shampoo itself, just the shampoo bottle.
This is yet another example of the creative solutions that I am forced to find to situations that most people don’t come across.
If you do find yourself with a damaged bottle of something, don’t toss it out, just find a new container.
As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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  1. Did anything ever come of that possible opportunity to park at a business that you mentioned a while back?