Tuesday 24 November 2015

I Started The Other Book

Okay, I got started on that other book that I had been musing that I would write, once this goal has been achieved. To be honest, I wasn’t sure that I would start it as I didn’t know what more I had to say, since I had been blogging all along. 

It seems that I do have more to say, and it is more than just the highlights of the blog. I will take this one chapter at a time and see what happens and how it goes. I got the prologue and the first chapter done, or at least the first pass of it.

I do intend to publish it somehow, somewhere, as I think that it is a worthwhile book. So if there are any publishers or literary agents out there who would be interested, send them my way. 

I will admit that I do feel a bit ill at ease and things are a bit anti-climactic now that my credit cards are paid off. I have been living with all of my paycheque controlled and dictated for me for so long that it feels odd to have discretionary funds again. 

I know that there is the risk of the spending spree impulse to kick in. You know the urge to rush out and buy all sorts of stuff just because I can and haven’t been able to do that before. I have been through that before and the pain of what I have gone through means that I will be able to resist that. 

I still have a few goals, such as a new laptop, that I will pay for with cash. That will be nice and one thing that I will treat myself with, as I have earned it. The new phone, I just don’t see the point as all of the nifty things I can do on my iPad and so I don’t need a nifty new iPhone. My old Samsung is doing fine and will do what it is meant to do, text and make phone calls.

It will get cold for the next few nights, as in -14 to -20C. I have been there before and I can do that again. I am not looking forward doing it, but I can get through it. The last time I did it was for the banks and to pay them off, now it is to pay me off and get some cash in the bank. 

For once I am starting out on the positive side of cash flow, and yes it is a great feeling. It is amazing how much I can accomplish in such a short time with this much discretionary cash at my disposal. I have done a few preliminary budgets and projections on what I can accomplish even between now and January.

I know that I need to increase those payments on Wanda’s loan, as these low payments will bite me in the butt with that large balloon payment at the end of Wanda’s loan. Also I have a chance to be completely debt free in two to three years . . . think about that.

I still would like a bit of land to set down some roots and make this experience a bit easier on me. I will see what comes my way, but for now I will keep on keeping on and continue to make my financial situation better and better.

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