Friday 20 November 2015

It’s About Time to Break Out The Old Bag

So, in case you missed it, it’s been cold around these  parts the last few nights. Okay, it has not as cold as it has been in the past or as cold as it should be before I start to say it’s cold, but my body is still adjusting to “winter mode.” 

Let’s face it, when I am in full-blown winter mode -10C is still T-shirt weather. Last night I wore most of my warm clothes to bed (and of course my sleeping toque), under my 4 quilts. It is kinda like sleeping in a wearable sleeping bag, so I was not only snug last night, but also warm when I got out of bed . . . eventually.

This morning I actually slept in because I just didn’t want to get out of my moderately warm bed and out into the cold. Again, I am adjusting and will get better at this whole living in winter thing.

I realize that the weather will turn colder early next week, so it will mean that I will most likely break out my old bag. No, not some: woman/wife/girlfriend to snuggle up to and keep warm. Though, personally, this would be my preferred way to stay warm on these cold winter nights (applications now being accepted).

What I will do is break out my -40 sleeping bag, so I don’t need to do my full blown “Michelin Man” impersonation while I sleep. 

As always, I will adapt what I am doing in order to not only survive in my current situation and surroundings, but thrive. 

After all, today is going to be a “Number Two” day . . . and that is a good thing, because . . . 

Yes, Boys and girls I have only two days to go through before I am Credit Card Debt Free! The next time that I blog, I will have paid off all of my credit cards, all of them will be down to zero. Despite the cold weather, things will only get better from here.

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