Monday 9 November 2015

Snow . . . Meh

I had a WTF moment this morning when I woke up to find snow all around outside. It was a wet, heavy snow but it wasn’t a concern. This snow was the kind that didn’t stay or gather on city streets, just on everything else. 

Another interesting thing was that yesterday and today Facebook was showing me my posts from one year ago. It was one year ago this week that the really cold weather hit me for the first time. This week, one year ago was when I had my first bout of -20C to -30C. 

This year, so far so good, I thing it may have briefly dipped down to -10C but that’s it. So far I am still using my gray and black water tanks and that is a good thing. I also know that soon enough I will have to dump my tanks for the last time. 

The cold weather will come, of this I am certain. After all, warmer winter or not, January will always be January, and damn cold. For now though, I will continue to try to look on the brighter side of things and carry on.

My quest to eliminate my credit cards is nearing completion and with each passing day my financial health is getting steadily better (13 days to go).

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