Tuesday 3 November 2015

Grumbling, But Okay

The weather out here in Calgary is ranging from plus 4C during the day to -7C overnight. It looks like it will be this way for some time to come. 

As for me? I am still okay, and haven’t adjusted my pattern much. I have started to keep the furnace at 15C when I am home, down from my usual 20C. I just bundle up a bit more in the morning and evenings. 

I haven’t started to wear my warmer clothes to bed, nor have I pulled out my -40 sleeping bag. All in all, it is a bit chilly, but nothing worthy of note. 

All in all, I am grumbling, but okay. So far it doesn’t look like it will dip to or below -10C anytime soon. For now, I am still using my black and grey water tanks, and that is something positive. 

It is my mindset that needs adjusting, and I am working on that. I still grumble and put up a fuss every time I have to scrape the windows or when I see my breath inside Wanda. 

I know what is coming and I know how to deal with it (famous last words). I just need to calm down, accept the fact that the season is changing (keep calm and carry on and all that). 

I need to be thankful that a massive drop in the temperature (as yet) is not in the forecast. I still have a lot of things going for me and yes, things are steadily getting better for me, despite the cold.

Every day that I stick it out in Wanda, is another day where I get a leg up financially. That is worth grumbling, yet pressing on regardless. 

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