Thursday 26 November 2015

Still Positive!

It has been a few weeks since I had that epiphany and my attitude changed. I am happy to report that while I still get frustrated at things and the world, that my mood and attitude has not changed. 

I am still positively forging forward and have not slipped back to my angry and frustrated, and yes “Victim mentality” ways. To me this means that I truly feel that this new way of thinking is here to stay. 

Sure things will still happen and I will still get angry, frustrated, sad and yes depressed now and again. At my core, however, I still feel like a different person, and that is important. 

I still look to the future and see better and brighter things for me. I am not deliriously happy or look at the world through “Rose Coloured Glasses” I just don’t look at the world through, “Filth Coloured Glasses.”

As I close in on two years on this journey to improving my financial life I see that in the process I have also improved myself, not just my financial standings. This is good as I still have more work to do on my finances, and yes we can always work on improving ourselves. 

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