Thursday 19 November 2015

The Two Orange Light Problem

When I saw them I sighed, when I noticed that it was darker than usual in Wanda that morning and I groaned. I knew that it was going to be a rough start to the morning.  It was cold this morning, quite cold as a matter of fact. In fact, it was somewhere between 0 and 5C when I got up. 

As is usual I had gotten up and went to turn my furnace on in order to heat the place up. Well, my furnace was not going to turn on this morning due to the two orange lights. What are those two orange lights? 

Well, kids, as I have said before my fridge works on either 120 VAC or Propane. There is one orange light which lights to indicate that I have turned the fridge on, anther light lights up to tell me that there is a problem with the fridge. 

Now, the problem can be either that I am out of propane (just switched tanks the night before last, so that’s not it) or that there is not enough voltage in the batteries to run the logic controls for the fridge. The lack of the blue light from my radio this morning confirmed it, Wanda’s batteries were flatlined. 

My best option was to run Jenny and charge them up, but I hate doing that in the morning. It just feels rude to run her at that hour. Sure, I am in the middle of an all but deserted industrial side street, but it still feels inconsiderate, I am who I am.  So, I just bundled up and toughed it out this morning . . . I was fine (grumbling and grumpy) but fine.  (Have I mentioned how much I loathe the cold?)

I had to type in spits and spirts as I could only handle taking my mittens off for so long before having to put them on to heat them up again. I am serious considering trying to find a pair of really well insulated yet very thin gloves, thin enough that I can type when it is cold inside my house. I bet that is not a problem you had to solve.

When I left for work it was 0C and I had frost . . . on mirrors . . . inside my house. I didn’t bother to change out of my warm clothes until I got to work. I just took my “normal clothes” with me in a bag and changed at work. I was not going to strip down to nothing to change when it is literally freezing, and put on cold clothes  . . . not if I could help it (and I could).

I am doing okay though, I will run Jenny tonight and be warm and fine. I am warm now that I am at work early, as I always am. Not only that but it is Three, yes THREE days until I am credit card debt free. This deserves a bit of a poem, yes I think that you know the one, here goes . . . 

Three is the number of the counting,
And the number of the counting shall be three.
Four shalt thou not count .
(Because that was yesterday.)
Neither count thou two. 
(Because that is tomorrow.)
Accepting that though then proceed to one 
(In two day’s time.)  
Five is right out.
(Because that was two days ago.) 
(Seriously, get with the program.)

For those of you who didn’t pick up on that, that was ripped off and modified from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” Yes, from the scene with the “Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.”

Now with that bit of fun out of the way, on with the day!

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