Wednesday 25 November 2015

It Was Cold, But I Lived

It got cold last night, but nowhere near as cold as I have seen it. It is true that this is the first time this season that I have woken up to find it -10C inside my house. It took a while for the furnace to get Wanda up to a balmy 10C . . . ooh, having a heatwave. 

On the plus side, I didn’t have to defrost my deadbolt, and there was electricity and propane to run the furnace, so there is that. The weather looks to be warming up this week, as in not too far below zero, like -5, if that. 

Sure I hate the cold and I bitch and moan about it, but I can handle it, I can do it. I just keep looking towards my goals and keep moving towards them. That is what keeps me going, looking up to all of the things that I want to, and will, accomplish. Then I just: put on another sweater, put on another pair of sweatpants and yes do my Michelin man impersonation. At least I am warm, and will be fine. 

It is all in how you look at things; what you see coming your way beyond the moment. Sure, you are going through some tough times now, but ask yourself what is on the other side of this? Is that worth going through this to get? If so keep going, if not, change your direction and your goals. 

I have caught myself looking online and musing about buying this or that but I just remind myself that I am in my new overdraft and can’t afford anything. Even my next payday will be tight, but I will do it, I will get out of my self-imposed overdraft. 

This is but one of my goals that I have set for myself and one of the ones that I will achieve, and yes those are worth getting cold for. So yeah, bring it on Winter, I’m not going anywhere.

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