Thursday 5 November 2015

Back Into My Non-Fatzoid Pants!

As I have said before, we all have that range of pant or dress sizes that say different things to you. More specifically we think different things about ourselves as we are wearing each of those different sizes. 

Now, everybody’s range is different as each of our bodies is shaped differently. For me, this is my range and what it says to me:

Size 30: Great accomplishment, if rare . . . but you look a bit Anorexic
Size 32: Woo Hoo! Not too big, not too small . . . I’m not a Fatzoid!
Size 34: Watch it bub, do you really need that sandwich?
Size 36: Now you’ve done it, you Fatzoid!
Size 38: Give it up, buy a Moo-moo. 

So for me to be back down to a size 32 is a nice feeling. Again I could be in better shape, I know that, but I am okay with this size. 

How have I done this? Well for one I don’t eat a great deal and I have been walking regularly. I go for a walk each morning before work. 

I walk around the block, and in and industrial park, that takes me twenty minutes. As well I will go for walks around the parking lot of my Western Home on the weekends. 

As for me though, all of my focus is on Saturday and payday, more specifically the second payday before credit card debt freedom day. (Today is day 17 in my personal advent calendar).  

Card #1 will be paid off and Card #2 will be kept to that zero balance that it has been for the last few months. I buy a few albums on iTunes now and again, so sue me. 

I make sure to pay Card #2 off each payday, that is the deal that I have set for myself. I plan to do the same thing with Card #1 after Saturday. 

I always imagine some miscellaneous banker fuming and throwing a fit for the lack of interest that they are making off of me now . . . it makes me smile.

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