Saturday 21 December 2013

The Rubicon Has Been Crossed!

I sit here and write to you just after paying my rent (the last portion). As I may or may not have mentioned before, I pay (or did) pay my rent using interact debit at the Townhouse Complex Office. Since the rent is more than my “Daily Limit” I have to pay it twice, a portion on Friday, and a portion on Saturday.
After paying my rent I hand delivered my letter stating that I am moving out as of the end of January 2014. It was a bit of a nervous move for me and to tell you the truth it is still sinking in. While I plan to cross the Rubicon, I don’t intend to blow the bridge. I will move out nicely and with dignity, so as to get a good reference for the next place, and keep my honour intact.
Yesterday I picked up the boxes I wanted and while they were a bit more than I had hoped to pay, (the special that drew me in was long since expired). I was able to get the boxes I needed at a decent price., As well I made sure to pick up the roll if shrink-wrap.  I also made sure to pick up packing tape and shipping labels (6 per sheet). 
While I have already started to fill the boxes with stuff, I will not shrink wrap them until I am going to take them to the storage depot. This way I can still access the boxes and put that last item into that certain box as I find little knickknacks and whosawhatsits.
A good tip for packing things up is to put a computer printed label (with really big font on it) on at least two sides, one long and one short side). Yes, uniformity is key; keep the labels on the same sides of all of the boxes, this way you can read quickly what is in it at a glance when they are stacked up. I don’t recommend doing an inventory list, but rather general descriptions.
Also remember not to fill the box up just because there is space in it. Keep in mind that someone will have to lift that box so don’t make it too heavy.
Ziploc bags are your friend; they will keep all of the small items that are supposed to be together, together. As well they are good to put light bulbs in, so if they break they do not contaminate the whole box.
Don't forget that just before the box is to got into storage shrink wrap it completely, so as to ensure that no moisture will get in to damage the items you are going to put in storage. No leaky pipe or flood will damage my stuff!
I have started packing up stuff in my bedroom and the reason that I did this was to make sure that I do not get (or remain) comfortable in this place. That is not to say that I have packed up my bedroom set, (though I did think of it). One reason is that it is a comfy bed but the main reason is that I still plan to sell it.
It is a queen sized bedroom set: Queen Bed, Dresser with Mirror and two wide End tables (Kennedy from the Brick, just two years old, new it was $2300.00, I am asking only $1000.00 . . . talk to me).
Also for sale is a round Dining Room table with 4 chairs, solid and elegant with a glass cover to the wooden top. I also have a nice suede Love Seat and couch for sale. Who could forget the 10 cubic foot chest freezer (1 year old) and of course the washer and drier (A year and a half old). These items are all for sale at the best offer).
I will slowly and steadily take things down and sort through them and toss away stuff that I really will not use. This will be my Christmas, as I want to have this stuff ready to put into storage so that I know what I am keeping and what I am not. Then I will sell what I am not keeping (which is good) or just dump what I am not, and is of no use.

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