Monday 23 December 2013

Packing is Well Underway

It is somewhat poignant that I have actually started this process, really and truly committed myself to this process on the winter solstice. Every day gets longer now, every day gets brighter, every day gets warmer. The rebirth and renewal is beginning, this is what I have to focus on.

I don’t like change though. I know me and sometimes I will intentionally drag my feet and fight the change that yes, I myself, initiated.  It is an odd thing but thus is the complexity of human beings.

It is for that reason that I started to pack boxes on Saturday, even though I don’t have to be out till January 30th.

I want to make sure that I get myself into the right mindset and keep moving forward with this project and not just lull myself into a comfortable place until I get to the end of the month and nothing is done.

I got my room packed up (okay my clothes are still hanging up but otherwise it is packed up. The bathroom I will leave for last (but I have a box set aside for it) for logistical reasons.

The same goes with the kitchen, though most of the dishes I am getting rid of. I have a mishmash of clashing sets and don’t get me started on the cutlery.

I have the living room, the storage room and the camping gear to go. I have now packed up sixteen boxes and two plastic tubs. Not to mention the larger pictures that I had to shrink wrap.

 My Stack of Boxes

See how roomy and practical they are? 
(Note the Ziploc Bags)

I will get them done this week. As soon as it turns to January I want to get that storage unit and load it up. Why?

Well I want to secure and save what I am keeping so I can more easily see what I am selling off and getting rid of, then I can focus on selling what I don’t want. Disposing of what I don’t want to (or can’t sell) is easy. Either drop it off at a thrift store or just toss it into the bin.

I am still hemming and hawing over the “rent a room vs buy a trailer” thing. So far the trailer is winning.

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